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Teaching responsibility, care & respect for family and friends.
Master Table Manners
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A Foundation of Manners and Social Skills

In our fast-paced world of new trends and high technology face-to-face communication is becoming more difficult for today’s generation. Yet, the need for good personal interaction between people is more important now than ever before – probably more so. We concentrate on those social skills, starting at the dining room table and expanding out from there. Students leave our program confidently armed with tools that will ensure their comfort and success in social settings. They will use their new found skills every single day.

Ages  6-10

  • Basic table manners and skills
  • Introducing self and friends to others
  • Phone manners & thank you notes
  • Good sportsmanship
  • How to be a good guest

Ages  11-14

  • Basic and intermediate table manners and skills
  • Introducing self and friends to others
  • Social media and phone etiquette
  • How to be a good guest and host
  • Thank you notes

Ages  15-17

  • Intermediate table manners and skills
  • Social media, email and phone etiquette
  • Conversational skills
  • Basic business and interview skills
  • How to present self in a confident, caring manner

The Truth About Etiquette

These days, etiquette has gotten a bad rep. Most people hear the word and think of stuffy, out of date rules when on the contrary, it is teaching your child tools they will use each and every day.  We focus on teaching social skills in order for your child to get along with others, be confident in school and later on use these skills to accomplish their goals and integrate into the workplace.

In a recent survey a whopping 98% of employers consider social skills essential. Many employers believe hard skills, such as how to use a software program, can be easily learned, while soft skills, such as communication and social interaction are much more difficult to teach an employee. Since good social skills are rare, over 75% of employers surveyed, will hire someone with good social skills over an applicant with the knowledge and expertise of the actual job duties.

When children know what to do in social settings it makes life much easier and rewarding for parents.

We offer workshops in-house or on-site. We work with scout troops, churches, schools, individual families, home schoolers, etc.

Here are some of our recent featured clients:

See What our Parents Think

“I was visiting with my son and grandchildren and I noticed a difference in the way my grandchildren were conducting themselves at the dinner table. They had VERY GOOD TABLE MANNERS! They used their cutlery and their napkin correctly. They said please and thank you. I was very impressed andcommented on this to my son. He told me they had done a manners course! I was so impressed!”


Their courtesy and table manners have stayed with them. My grandson has gone on to become a kind and considerate youngster. I was getting ready to take him to the movies and he brought me a glass of water so I could take my vitamins. He returned later and asked “Is there anything else I can get you grandma?” I was blown away.


Only later did I discover it was because of YOUR MANNERS COURSE that they took! You did such a wonderful job. The children loved it and you got a spectacular result with my two, so thank you very much!


I feel your program is VITAL for youngsters so they can learn the basics of manners at an early age. Manners grease the social wheels, and help create a civilized society. Your program is perfect and I hope you can teach non stop!


-M.A. (Grandmother)

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