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Why Etiquette?


Children Need Important Life Skills to Succeed

When you drop off your child for a playover at someone's home are you confident he/she will be a good guest?  Are your children's social skills up to par?  When dining out are you proud of how your children behave?  Would you like to see your family reach new levels of happiness ?  These things are possible once children are educated and trained in manners.  When children start to use the tools of their Etiquette School training they see immediate results.  They quickly realize they are empowered with skills that boost confidence, and smooth out many bumps on their road to success.      

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What the Florida School of Etiquette Offers

Classes cover dining etiquette, manners and how to hold a conversation during mealtime. Children learn how to be good guests when visiting others and how to be a good hosts when visitors arrive in their home.  They learn to write thank you notes and express gratitude for gifts and kindnesses shown by others.  Children also learn how to introduce people to each other, shake hands, make eye contact and much more.   All classes are taught in a fun child-friendly atmosphere so children enjoy learning.  Our goal is to create enthusiasm for manners and bring out the best in our students!       


Prepare Your Child for Life

A major predictor of a child's success as an adult is the ability to get along with others, to be well liked, and to be confident and at ease in their interactions.  Once children learn etiquette they know what is expected of them in social situations.  Uncertainty, awkwardness and intimidation fall away and they can move through social situations with ease and comfort ensuring confidence and success.   



From Our Students

I learned so much from Ms Peggy.  I learned how to use the fork, the spoon and a knife and how to cut the right way with the knife.  I learned to say "May I please be excused from the table" if I need to get up from the table.  If my grandparents cook dinner at Thanksgiving I know to wait for them to sit down before I start eating so we can all enjoy the food together.   She is so nice and I liked how she came to us quickly when we raised our hands.  My favorite thing was eating lunch because it was so yummy!  JW (Age 8)

I have to say that I learned a new viewpoint on manners and social behavior.  I thought I was relatively good at it already, but Peggy took the subject of manners to the next level and opened up an entire universe of knowledge.  Manners are the foundations of easy living.  It's very interesting to see how the understanding and use of manners is actually the fastest way to an easy life.  Thank you very much!  C.R.

My son Jordon (6 years) enjoyed his etiquette class very much.  He's been showing us how to correctly hold silverware and he's very proud of what he learned.  C.Y.

Thank you so much Peggy for your hospitality and thank you for doing such a great job with our Girl Scouts!


This etiquette class made me realize what a big effect small actions can have in every day life.  I can see how using manners changes the attitudes of the people around me and that it  impacts how people view me as a professional at work.  Learning simple courtesies has changed some situations where previously there would be an upset.  Now there isn't one!  Also, I feel like I'm not accidentally offending people.  Before I would wonder and feel awkward, especially when introducing people to each other.  Now, as someone who deals directly with the public,  I feel comfortable introducing people to each other, and comfortable in general conversation.  This makes my job so much more fun now that I know what to do.  I feel great when I can make people happy.  S.H.   

In my etiquette class I learned to say "good morning" to my family, friends, the bus driver and my teachers.  It's a nice way for everyone to start a day.  I learned that when I meet people I say "Hi" and look into their eyes.  I give them a handshake - a firm handshake.  My favorite part of the class was eating the jello, and holding the vampire and the alligator.  L.O. (Age 9)

Thank you Peggy for everything!  Our Girl Scouts learned so much.  They had a great time and what you taught them will help them their whole lives.  H.H.

Thank you for teaching us all of the manners that you taught us.  I did a manners class in my school and it didn't teach any of the stuff you taught.  I use everything I learned in your class.  C.A. (Age 9)

I learned how to hold my utensils properly when eating at the table.  and if I need to go to the bathroom I will ask "May I please be excused from the table?" Ms Peggy is really nice.  She cooks really good food.  My favorite part of the class was when we got the jello!  H.M. (Age 8)

I enjoyed this seminar and learned a super useful trick.  As a Receptionist, I'm sitting at a desk all day so it's very easy for my posture to go out.  Peggy taught me a trick for sitting up straighter without strain.  I use that now and it's been super helpful!  Peggy was very courteous and welcoming when we arrived.  Everything was prepared and she perfectly exemplified all the points of etiquette and poise that she was teaching.  It's lovely and very helpful to be reminded that little things can make a big difference.  From a good handshake, to how one introduces people to each other.  Just being reminded to say "good morning" to others has made a big difference.  I learned so much and really appreciated this seminar!  Thank you!  A.S.



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